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I am glad you are here.Most coaches have a 10-step program, a 4-week curriculum, a list of mindset-hacks. I don't do that.You are my agenda, your dreams and aspirations are the destination, our co-created work is the path to get there.Over the years this has allowed me to help many people discover their true strengths and transform into powerful, authentic, wildly successful human beings.Let us begin!

About Ben

I am Benjamin Hyneck, a certified coach with a business background. My career has led me to work at Google, Reddit and other Tech Companies since 2005 in a number of different sales leadership roles in Singapore, Australia, America and now Europe.I am married to my incredible wife, Naura and a father of 2 boys, Rudi and Charley. I understand the interconnection between personal and professional life well. I am living it.One of my guiding life principles is that time is finite and thus it is our duty to protect and savour this precious resource thoughtfully.Interesting Dates:- Jan 1983: Born in Suhl / East Germany
- Oct 1990: became a Unified German Citizen
- Dec 2006: Moved to Singapore
- Jan 2007: Married Naura
- Feb 2009: first son Rudi is born
- Sep 2010: Moved to Australia
- Jun 2012: second son Charley is born
- Feb 2014: Moved to USA (Ann Arbor)
- Sep 2015: First heard about coaching & started studying it
- Nov 2019: Moved to Germany
- Aug 2020: Coaching as a side business
- Apr 2023: Left corporate life to be a full time coach


I am trained and certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC) with over 800 hours of coaching experience. My clients are global and with varied backgrounds.I coach mostly in English language and sometimes in German.I coach on a variety of topics e.g. career, leadership, personal growth, health, social life, relationships, money, self worth, confidence, self actualisation. (to name a few common areas)
Topics often overlap and change over time. Your goals and aspirations are always in the center of focus and my work is solely focussed on co-creating a path there.
Frequent Answers:
- My coaching is 100% online to allow flexibility for you and me
- I coach across most timezones from West Coast USA to Australia
- Most clients work with me in 6-Months chapters
- You will need to be committed! I require commitment in time, energy and financial investment
- coaching with me is effective but not cheap
If you have additional questions or would like to experience a powerful coaching session yourself, send me an email: ben@hyneck.com

Here's what my clients say:

"Six months ago I had an internal thought that I kept wondering:, "would working with a coach and specifically, Ben, produce any significant positive change in me?." Looking back on it now, the answer is a resounding YES. The past months have been some of the most transformational in my life and I am grateful to Ben for playing such a meaningful role in that. My strong desire is that as many people as possible can experience what I experienced him. Ben has a unique gift and the world needs him fully practicing this gift." (Startup CEO, USA)"Ben's coaching style is both supportive and challenging, which has pushed me to grow in ways I never thought possible. He has a way of asking thought-provoking questions that have helped me to see situations from different angles, and his guidance has been instrumental in helping me set and achieve meaningful goals.
Thanks to Ben, I have gained a newfound sense of confidence in myself and my abilities. I am more aware of my values and priorities, and I am better equipped to navigate challenges that come my way. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with him and would highly recommend his coaching to anyone looking to gain clarity, insight, and direction in their personal or professional life." (VP of Sales, Czech Republic)
"Ben is a highly trained coach who has walked the walk. He's been there. Throughout my career I came across many excellent professional coaches, and also many experienced professionals who understood where I'm standing to give a word of advise. Ben is both at the same time. I plan to include Ben on my corner every time in need guidance or help to define next steps." (Director, Argentina)"Benjamin is a true expert, great listener, quickly grasps the nuances and details to pinpoint the inner feelings. All this while asking the right questions that make you stop and think." (Marketing Manager, Ireland)""I had the pleasure of working with Ben as my professional coach for a year and it was an incredible experience. Ben helped me gain clarity and perspective on my professional ambitions, while also addressing my inner critics that were holding me back. Through his guidance and support, I was able to clearly define my purpose and create a plan to achieve my goals.
Ben's coaching style is warm, supportive, and insightful. He has an incredible ability to listen and provide guidance that is both practical and meaningful. I highly recommend him to any professional looking to grow and achieve their full potential. Thank you, Ben, for all that you have done for me!" (Sales Rep, USA)
"Ben is a "challenger" coach. I find the challenging particularly impactful and useful. Puts self-talk in perspective and separates real goals from vague desires. I liked the exercises such as "do X before the next meeting" as it made me really get out of my own mind and bring certain tasks into reality (from completing a writing exercise to mapping out next steps for a personal project)." (Entrepreneur, USA)

Contact Me:

Most people can benefit greatly from working with a coach (Yes, I have one too). The best way to find out whether it's right for you, is to give it a try.Email me at ben@hyneck.com and we'll schedule a chat.

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